Crown of Montiban

Adventures in high society!
Anything for the crown..

Session 1.

There’s a royal party is being thrown for King Montiban’s daughter princess peach. All the nobles in the kingdom are expected to attend. The vi-countess Lady Tier of the singing swamps and knight Dirk Dire of great house Dire are staying at the palace by the kings invite. While waiting for the princesses party that’ll happen at weeks end, a young baron is introduced at morning court. His name is baron Oreck Von Lichtenstein of the mighty Tarrask lands. As baron Von Lichtenstein starts to be q uestioned by the nobles at the palace word of a bandits and terrible blighter causing draught and famine to threaten to put an end to the celebration. The knights of house dire are charged with taking up the threat when the young baron promises to lend a hand to the search and return the princesses birthday gifts. Soon realizing that their being followed by Lady Tier the three join forces and follow the bandits.


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